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Apparition by Brenda Iijima (Adobe PDF format)

make us all homosexuals o muse, o privy muse by Julian T. Brolaski

fried-eyed / banned poetry words by Julian T. Brolaski

what’s eating hildegard? by Julian T. Brolaski

despite of space by Julian T. Brolaski

astral travel w/ paranoia by Julian T. Brolaski

spare me yr pettifoggery by Julian T. Brolaski

i do not want to come by Sara Larsen

thine own self be goo by Sara Larsen

half-toned abraxis by Sara Larsen

Pre-historic by Jen Tynes

Gall by Jen Tynes

Perennial by Jen Tynes

Traditional by Jen Tynes

from Disclosure by Dana Teen Lomax (Adobe PDF format)

Inserting Elvin by Heller Levinson

The Infra-Intra-Ultrappolational Migration by Heller Levinson

(R)Evolution by Dorothee Lang, Karyn Eisler and Lawrence Eisler

Improper Intimacy (for C.R.) by Robert Mittenthal

Frontispiece by Robert Mittenthal

Blast Orphic by Robert Mittenthal

Broken by Francis Raven

Ontological Cleavage by Maryam Gunja

from Held by Adam Fieled

The Archive is a Sad Robot by Mark Lamoureux

Lamblion by Mark Lamoureux

How Good is Your Kung Fu? by Mark Lamoureux

[Black Medic] by J. Townsend

[Alyeska] by J. Townsend

[Forecast] - Brothers (ii) by J. Townsend

[Erasing] by J. Townsend

[Portfolio] by J. Townsend

Exchange - Brothers (ii) by J. Townsend


Will Be Abducted for Health Care by Tina Darragh

from Wardrobe by CJ Martin

from Conference of the Birds by Stephen Cope

FIST BUMP by Ben Friedlander

BARACK OBAMA'S FUN WALL by Ben Friedlander

from Meet Me Under the War Angels by David Brazil (excerpts of a chapbook first published in 2010 by Brandon Brown's press, OMG!) (Adobe PDF format)

*08.12.08 – RA D IOHE_AD – Susquehanna Bank Center, NJ* by Paul Siegell

Family Narrative by Cami Park

Many Stories by Cami Park

Oath by Michael Leong

Haibun 3 by Michael Leong

Haibun 4 by Michael Leong

from Chorus from the Land of Grownups by Donora Hillard

from Chorus from the Land of Grownups by Donora Hillard

10 Poems from Sonja Sekula: Grace in a Cow's Eye by Kathrin Schaeppi

Untitled by William Allegrezza

Untitled by William Allegrezza

the lone protestor by William Allegrezza

In Oregon by Sam Lohmann

Pitch by Sam Lohmann

The city, circa by Sam Lohmann

[instead of my blessings missing] by Donald Dunbar

[if I am rewarded &] by Donald Dunbar

Her Cadmium Texts Silvering (for Reb Livingston) by Anne Gorrick

In March: not Celadon or Rain (for the Levins) by Anne Gorrick

At the Atomic Motel (for ETH) by Anne Gorrick

The hours will rout and soothe your souths, your tryouts (for SHH) by Anne Gorrick

Deliberately Lost (for DP) by Anne Gorrick