Her Cadmium Texts Silvering (for Reb Livingston) by Anne Gorrick



Her tropisms orient
to various tinseled religions

A signorine ontology

Loiter and snivel
these trilogies embedded in her

Inverted revisions:
Cornell's vitrines
insolent vintners

A novelist and her rivetings
Intone, nestle, glister

Hair the color of lignite, she is the sterling opposite of nitrogen

The signori snort their iron elisions

Oiliest venison: a violet region
The solventy sound in violins
their musical linings sein and rinse

Bristle, virgin, ingot
bonier and slovenly

Her Soviet nosings, egoist binging
stogies and orgies
the tennis in stolen vigils

She in linen and blinis besotted and sober
the river's textual inlet

Between the roses and the snot
her obi tied tight against bone
so sobbed on "Go!"