[Forecast] - Brothers (ii) by J. Townsend


direct in the space of collapse

anaerobic bacteria build thoughts to

go on forever   so still the waving

blooms the sea green darkens


no trellis in snow   carbon ice blocks

re-zoned tree space a crack in the

wall   dead metal filings dust

the  still   harpoon through light


shaft  rust & unready where is

the sore bright circle a saw point

a stone ridge   hit a   nerve flood

warm beams pour through methane


clouds of   unknowing lift expression-

less Brother spread like wildflowers a

contagion together   touch seed & sulfur

pools  lungs   shifted   aerate vacuum


                  and a change is evident

a trigger a   slip out the

body unknowing its origins


                  absorbing effects re-

animating a place without

                  remaining witness