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No, it's not a cultish act of self-sacrifice.  Well, actually it is.  But we all remain alive.  Wheelhouse Magazine is actively soliciting artists to donate original work to businesses or institutions in their area that have closed or will be closing due to the following: corporate parasites forcing their demise (the "Walmart Effect"), cities and/or businesses declaring eminent domain on their property, bankruptcy, and unforseen, unlucky consequences.  The idea?  If small businesses and their employees are disposable, then so is art.  Artists will generously give some of their work to Wheelhouse, and Wheelhouse in turn will --just prior to the padlock being put on the front doors of shops and stores in the neighborhoods we cherish-- dump all that artwork in said shop for nobody to ever see.  It's an exhibition for ghosts.  It's an event that would have made a lot of people happy--if they'd ever had the chance to witness it.  If you are an artist and want to donate a piece to the wind, contact us at wheelhouse@wheelhousemagazine.com.  If you are a small business owner and would like to apply for a Wheelhouse Suicide Show, contact us.  We don't take all requests, but we try our hardest to do so.