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We're Here to Serve Us!


Send all manuscripts, poetry, prose, essays, art, hybrid or multi-media work, Derridean monstrosities, word scarps, and other ephemera to wheelhouse@wheelhousemagazine.com. At this moment we cannot, unlike Congress, pay our online contributors in dollars. But we can pay you in fake dollars, which we will do, whether we use your work or not.


1) We welcome both new and established writers' submissions. However, we do favor the new writer. We especially welcome non-mainstream work, work that has of yet no agreed upon name or categorical framework. We are pluralists regarding text arts, but we are not eclectic. When we open submissions we take great pleasure in disruptive, performative, and philosophically violent poetic expectoration.

Send all work to wheelhouse@wheelhousemagazine.com, and, with the exception of poetry (which you may put in the body of your email), send your work as a DOC or RTF attachment.

Note on Wheelhouse Chapbooks: we are not currently accepting submissions for our chapbooks series.

2) Prose should be short, not long, say, no longer than 3,000 words--as a general rule. Please refrain from sending realist fiction, confessional fiction, genre fiction. In fact, if you tend to call your work "fiction," take this as a potential (though, due to its dogmatism, somewhat unreliable) sign that we will not be interested in publishing what you send. If, on the other hand, you have prose that challenges you (and us), that takes pleasure it its own alterity, or you sense that it does, we'd love to read it. Include in the subject line of your email: prose submission/last name.

3) Poems: if Billy Collins has been "an inspiration" to you, do not send us your poetry. Not that there is something necessarily wrong with your poetry, but there is, semi-factually, something wrong with Billy Collins. Poems that experiment with language as material, interrogate normative grammatical structures, exlore ideas as cultural artifacts and not merely givens, and that may be accused of falling prey to the difficult poetry epidemic of 1912 are especially welcome. As are: translations, ekphrastic work, sound and visual work, and collaborative ventures. We really love good collaborative pieces. Please send 3-10 poems. We like to get a deeper sense of your writing than, say, the lone poem, could give us. Include in the subject line of your email: poetry submission/last name.

4) Essays: should be limited to 10,000 words. We're interested in work with a left political slant, work on particular writers or text art movements, work that plays with form as any text art would, and that does not read as journalism (one extreme) or memoir (other extreme). Include in the subject line of your email: essay submission/last name.

5) Visual artwork (like, pictures of your paintings or pictures of someone else's paintings, or paintings of your pictures of...) should be submitted in JPEG format. Include in the subject line of your email: visual artwork submission/last name.

6) Filmmakers, multi media artists, composers, etc., should contact Wheelhouse Magazine for further information regarding formatting. We're interested if you are!

7) We hope to get back to those whose work we are considering within 1-3 months. Feel free to query us regarding your submission if you have not heard back from us within 3 months.

8) All copyright reverts to author upon publication. Wheelhouse Magazine reserves one-time electronic copyright for works submitted. All work will be considered for print publication and Wheelhouse Magazine reserves the right to archive the work and publish it in future print editions.

9) We do accept simultaneous submissions; please let us know asap if your work is accepted elsewhere. We will also consider reprints, though require acknowledgment/permission from the previous publisher in order to do so. We do not accept multiple submissions.

10) We do not require a bio with your submission, but you may include one in the body of your email. Truthfully, we don't particularly care about publication credits. We are interested, however, in notes on the process of your writing, how the work you've sent was constructed, and so forth.

Thanks for your interest in Wheelhouse. We look forward to hearing from you.

In Solidarity,

The Editors, Wheelhouse Magazine
David Michael Wolach
Eden Schulz
Andrew Csank
Jenny Paris
Lionel Lintz
& past contributors