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Digital Unionbusting: Workers at Uloop, a social networking site, used the office messageboard to discuss organizing a union. Next thing they knew, they were all fired. The workers filed a charge at the National Labor Relations Board, asserting that they were fired illegally over protected speech. This case will likely be a precedent-setting test of the Board's recent decision to deny workplace speech protections to workers who communicate via email. More here.

The Educators at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City are organizing a union! These are the folks who give the tours of the building, lead discussion groups, and portray the building's former residents in costume. Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming majority of workers who have signed union cards, the Museum is refusing to recognize the union and is trying to force the workers to go to the NLRB for an election, a process that is biased against workers, as well as being time-consuming and expensive for both sides. Read more, and send a letter of support, here.