thine own self be goo by Sara Larsen


thine own self be goo. badwater radically shifts in it, talisman

  lathered in it. slips from palm and up the coast, underwater.

brutish brutal smear. so it comes to fisticuffs in the thalamus

collectiva. warden, tell all. pirate animal sea scrolls   are anoth

er tongue. also                subterranean.


allegorical funk. squeaky model of cow meat-pieced, bureaucrati

c drool o my lamb. this murder is, detective. murder dear turtle-

tender-bodied, murder for tender slipped into cuffs


i must slip it into the letter, thine own self. shell is triple or

more, it washes up, it is i, it is explod. did.


tendered bodies with their      mouths agape.

write it into the firstonly letter, current. tide is high but

i'm moving. the cut at the edge of seascape landscape is   sharp,


but don't know where it is