At the Atomic Motel (for ETH) by Anne Gorrick

Oatmeal and loathesome
motley and holey

Home could be the loyalest soothe or an ashtray

The shyest amylase
Hole, loot, tool
Teaseled and ashy

Her “aha” seemly
she is oleo shy
Sleety, steely, seemly

Llama eyed, teeming with soot
(I imagine)(it’s possible)(your mother’s)

Her eyes full of dust motes
the aloha molts
the Velveeta omelet melt

Eyelashes crossed with thyme on our family loom

Your alto leased for atoms
Hay covers your easel
As far as Laos

An oath allotted
atoll and alloy and tame
Meat, seams, yeast

When healing is lethal, when the lathes are spackled with feathers
There will be no amens here, no cups of tea

Your metals unloosed, your teals, your slates
for only the soot-eyed elms to see
Let Atlas smooth your way