despite of space by Julian T. Brolaski

we woeful, we wrongless, we rott...sour as a rhetor. (misheard)
–Corinne Fitzpatrick

sely rat, sely rat
I cd not court yr likeness back

if only a horizon wd presents itself—
a razor to the face

with your help I hope to acquire a meal
—despite of space

the legless one
to the person who jettisons leftovers

yes I'm sent on a fools errand
petulant skoler

wrongeyed thinkerr
why the fly think it ok

to sit on my knee

yr beauty is dissipating as you type
it fronts but it's a geste

xe is nat merely to be won over
w/ kissing noises

lyric cd be prowes
a cricket on a heap of trash

(wot my blood grows)
wherrwolfian, coodepoo

the fly wot sits on its own murder weapon
who dont want s/t prayrishe

el toro partido
the bull in parts