FIST BUMP by Ben Friedlander

Quite likely the most awesome image in history:
Superman Fist Bump. Obama! Brilliant
magenta whirlpools of dazzling teal

melting in chocolate:
an ocean of sweet donors
floating my boat

receptors (or "signal"). Not a citizen?
Fake birth Like wow,

this flash from a pap
is prolly a nation
of millions. How does it feel?

Like the world’s tallest donkey,
ridden by a man almost
one-fifth its age.

And when it’s finished,
either carry it straight
into the bath, or help it hose off its hoofs

before stepping outside
into Grant Park. Yes, we won! bust you
for having a flag,

America, feminine form of what’s black
and white
and blue all over, with a little red drip

on its dress, like Michelle.
She glides above the pigeon lofts and back yards of Queens,
and knocks talk radio off its game. Hey, Barry!

What about Jimmy Carter hugging Hamas?
Well, hugging is one of the most
complex and many-sided ways we have

to spread the word.
But I prefer a fist bump
for punctuation.