i do not want to come by Sara Larsen


i do not want to come-be the institution archive of negatives

explode the hand. la maquina   of revolvers mothers's black

headdress the baton. i bit that   fucker's hand. his pyramid-eye

razes. this cop will always be. pounding.

cain's book.

the overground period is over. qualitative professional. timbre

this, free radical. in its neat folder format, over.    the peyote

your present spirals to be a shell in mine. blast. through ruin

heat-tar-before it was constituency.  poet   (potent)

please plant this capital. building into  a redwood vulgarly i

am careful where. i bury aleph. face-worn people chainlink

bound to rock and writing.                  the potent activate

 deejay polymorphous comedy, darkness, aura-dis aster

 like artaud like cocteau

explode the.

fled europe aleph. twelve times

  homer spit

i will continue to print. other than. place anxious hiss. contin

uing narco tomb.  wine-dark veritas. headless headdress winged

wine-dark. i have my own reasons to come-be commercial.

a host of.

i do not like it when they compare playing with yourself to doing

nothing. it is SOMETHING.


 nothing              ?


sorry, i will only answer to SOMETHING

   i touch our cold fossil body sea rock i am called called call

not embarrassed to say  called

    turtle among splayed wine-dark of crude.