The Infra-Intra-Ultrappolational Migration by Heller Levinson

Infra-Intra-Ultrapolational:  the pattern formed by the insertion of notes below, between, and above the principal tones of a progression.

congregation destiny hirsute wily
a picture show internationalized
seedlings disseminating & disassembling in mutational forests cogitate if there is
no penalty on the principle is there a penalty on the interest // Billie Holiday: ‘there ain’t nothin I can’t do or nothin I can’t say’ money markets abide not withstanding the bedrock of architecture is time signature bolt & socket in matrimonial disarray the matrimonial time signature is the invention of heavy cream to reach a live operator press zero the poor attendance slipstream is the abundance of Mexico fair isle sweaters in the Spring own the sun tell me where it hurts before we calculate debunkment ))+ curriculum buster gunnery bunker bunnery gunk – locus is rhythm is dysplastic metronomes is a horse torso in a revolving door

Infrapolation:  insertion of a note below the principal tones of a progression.
Interpolation:  insertion of one or more notes between the principal tones of a progression.

if Rothko is Infrapolation & Matisse is Interpolation wld Pollock be Infra-Inter-Ultrapolational? as Pound wuz ‘ain’t nobody’s business if I do’ expire unresolved in my
relationship with time the counterfeiter of immunity rebutting my courtship with meter  the horseshoe flees the hoof

does teaching verb conjugation improve one’s ability to steal

the headwaiter holds the crayon box for the child who chooses four colors.
why those four colors

I could ponder this question for a lifetime

I will ponder this question for a lifetime

the child fell off his bike skinned his knee & didn’t tell of it
cosmological concinnity pathological starts & who would have it otherwise what the laboratory animals can’t fake outsmarts the calculus the lithosphere of grammatical
injunction refuses oneiric paucity while culinary ineptitude courts a holy clam chowder a bellyful of Zildjian Cymbals kidnaps the orchestra the bounty is democracy meter self-destructs over the absurdity of such a notion living in a meter-void world hard to imagine imagination imagining the image of meter-less imagination thunderstorms have meter so do burials & embryonic somersaults & the color russet

music is the divisionalizing and collectivizing of tones
if we knew how to tune the damn things wars would cease foolish to think otherwise if spanking rainbows grows contagious

what of notes anarchic   regressive   carnivalistic             notes
cannibalistic & dire
outlaw notes
suicide-bombing progression
notes unheard specializing in night abridgements & nuclear operas
pitted in the perpendicular of the abyss those intersections where commercials collide with coupons to expose laundry their union dues in arrears preoccupied with propositioning skin

in the in in the in in the intheof
prepositional shaft
perpendicular slide
the moment is an undercover agent fumbling for noose mercury incidentalizes heat if you could tune the damn thing bury ornithological delinquency to think otherwise


*Inspired by Nicolas Slonimsky’s Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns