Inserting Elvin by Heller Levinson

*  Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Volume 1 with Dolphy-Little torqueing interstitial perfoliates while Blackwell vouchsafing acceptable yet lug wing waxing I need-ingning a circum-cyclo-cyclical ethno-eco-poly-pervasive percussive     need 
E-L-V-I-N     in-ser-ted

*  While talking to Will Alexander for the need to hear Elvin with Dolphy-Little the decision to ‘insert elvin’ arose.

*  A sound has no legs to stand on.

                                          -- John Cage

rip   take 2 …
Elvin   3, 4, &
smash cosmologies and confinements nosographic nosings
pertinances pile wrack condensatories havoc hoary bellicose tuberous windings
the horse on the branch sketches the leopard
the saddle has always been imaginary
crouch circumambulatory lavatorial navigation deeps unalloyed air spare issuance in-surance
contestability and arbitrage the noon flight
is booked


*  “The potent combination of Dolphy & Coltrane was not received well by some audiences, and particuarly by some critics, who coined the repugnant term ‘anti-jazz’ to describe music which to our ears now is no less than a fundamental example of the essence of jazz.  The hostility led to an unusual 1962 Down Beat Magazine article in which the two ‘answered’ the charges levelled against them & later caused Dolphy to leave the group (March 1962).  [Italics Mine]


…….. bombinant bazaar
the playing fields punchy froth with skirt – rousingmandibularveracitiesfustigantpurse – festoon blender foldings furl flibbertigibbet the ballet cast with diamonds the king in

arrears personalize the warranty --:: -- ; “” loxodromic compassions placative measure oases in rut ……
meditate   perambulate   masticate   resuscitant-(tate)(ate)
lever contradistinctional luridity
behindthegreendooroverthewagonontopoftheglassswimmingpoolundertheslide     skate
the merrymen celtic penny whistler instruct manuals morph pornographic vestal libations
symmetry is cabaret jocularity plus tasty contras
grease the horizon the way out is binge     succubus
legislatures on holiday hieratic underpinnings caul extra mental phenomena
the cafes speechless spill complacency lattes whle the alto screams
compliance is the greater sin
knuckle North to the totem powers meridian pinch poxied prose
lollipop the Kawakaskia River   fruit tesselate respirationals
the boombachunk & feather
interconnect wallop juice & lusty favorite things
cinch to the
spill of tramp gyrationals
perennials voltaic
& arsonic
rake light from horse’s breeze