*08.12.08 – RA D IOHE_AD – Susquehanna Bank Center, NJ* by Paul Siegell


dense riffs, deep-sea insomnia cure: to be skeleton skeleton present
            with those so bold as to create

all their future recordings/digital downloads, musicians (that) make
            sound take on new meaning

the one ticketshafter ticket I’ve wanted more than any other in years

“Take your time,” said the captain of the ferry from Philly to Camden

sharp teeth on a bear, flathead screwhead for eyes: illustration (logo)
            on a t-shirt

and how it all bends with sales: it’s starting on me steer it now take 
            me or tear: blowup a barcode (enlarge), fix the vulgar bars to
lit: capable of any color the lighting director

world best a band at the bottom of the ocean ghost ship ghost ship
            signal flare falsetto-propelled alienation down around where
the numbers go—

            how’s that sound for a stage setup?

how long your kindness, a sold-out crowd and decipher the low fires
            on the lawn someone sings you’re so lucky

orange red yellow and green go (glowsticks) flying from a source in
            the center, bioluminescent language

held-up viewfinders of camera-blue cell light all throughout: lustrous
             bubbles in the surge toward the stage—

            “what are radiohead fans called? radioheadheads?”

Kristy’s weird about what lives underwater—the fish of her eyes flap
            their fins at me     

look, she points (a boy), down in the darkness to our right, phantasmal,
            under, alone but for a thin green magic wand-glowstick and an
opened hardcover, thickness—

            (he sighs)

but for all the shows she’s attended that she could not see (not all are
            tall), a mountain range blocking the ocean, we really gotta pay
for pavilion seats next time—

she listens, appreciates the sound system: (anti-globalization) guitar-
             textured atmospheres, vibrant beats, expansive computer
fusion jazz-influenced art-rock designs        

             someplace you’d trust with your feelings

melodies in some pyramid pyramid town and too inside to feel
            the fierce sigh (dystopian), warned me today

watches as much of the screens as she can

ethereal desires/sharp teeth, each note dead on: to be closer to
             creation—a reason to go to a show

it can come apart with the bigness of any total scare of people breaking

too in to hear the iron, feel carbon, years on the cliff, big cars (softness)

tidal wave I tidal wave keep going from wash me away getting my
            sea legs to cutting gmy teeth—I
can come apart with the bigness of any total scare of people breaking

to not deny all the water that can (fixing), laying you down in silence

inside you

undying the same as the Insider you sigh loud and ocean I’m coming
            for you shall not refuse the shamed and emptied

seabird, (this), I wish I were you—Kristy, all this is what’s going on
            with what’s been on at that wrong end of my radio

but to be closer to a creator, in L.E.D.-red up the side
            of the Susquehanna pavilion:                                                         EXIT
                                                           EXIT  EXIT