COB 8/04/09 (chômeur

Dance chant demoted                                   Dog/man.  bite
Par para que/it’s each ass 4
dancing bird, a pet charmed                               why, in my garden
                                                                                    in my turd fountain X
perança rent, too hard to pays
a lesson learned today first                                                few so done
is my garden wet        trees enough/2            sleep John
to Coltrane, I’ll be with you in                hope, father time…
Off.                                         Are you, God, aware                          
                                            of the suffering you

Bread, by wheat
  foster yuu’r


Chômeur Exile…
serene genetic thread bit                     Sew for
the weed pool, futile angel-                 less Oz
more                                                                own, too/2
fence Angel,  -sitting un            ployed’m ade
angel ba-la, speak
Angel white bath angelayz                 swarm Am=gel/ist
Los.t    it, Angel Rape.                 From
out of whom                                         schmalz, rigor
steam belly
… they were, wore plot’s’kin

Show more (duh), obviously out                 of cloth
 -woven emow –Tirade’d             just
enough to cover mirror’s pensive X before
spending cash             which isn’t
even breaking cash apart to silver
labor isn’t money, isn’t love                  just
abstract enough --                     Dance.

Dance              .leg one here
on earth in heaven just            One
step off edge’d stage            Chomeur (snake-            charmer
shake it up to chalk trot foxy
Angel of                                  the unemployed wine
-drunk diviner.             Doing what is done
to you by memory again (dance