half-toned abraxis by Sara Larsen


                                                              half-toned    abraxis

       love the savior     true nature of spermaceti     grace

         joy     sorrow have not seen you, the wavecrest   tranced

between yr boots the whitewashed transit comes kohl-eyed of

         the crown and bethinks thee of the albatross.

    behind these frets, pioneers. a pupusa that speaks of travellin

g, i no longer forget this sleep, send me free  i remain but

 a letter,

            aleph, the one on your hand.


i do not know what to bring to tophet, nor what is sacred.


 i can only hint at darts of a Great Whale that has shown

up in a material dream


  the shells are everywhere we are empty-handed with the

emptiness of their innards

              the despot eye that follows their forms