from Wardrobe by CJ Martin


& all the bells are rolling out for you...---Lou Reed


cl / au / fl
Unclassed clear-sighted 
applause--because I find 
him everywhere talking:

cloud-involved, autumn in
Laurence, August 17. 
Claiming effluence flashes 

b/c I pause beauty, b/c in-
exhaustible faults "less
a work than an effluence" 


wo / hl / ne
Later of tone nerve practicalness.
Woes would, worse words would--
highly highly pamphlets I

worship woods 
(2 words worm worship)
Strained condemned one generally

Continent $ / attorney effusiveness
2 works 2 sets.
Never completeness, abruptness unedited

Never genuine manner gone,
inestimable inner wholeness gone. 
21 vulnerable letters borne.


gn / ne / ul / rn
Inexhaustible fashion, 
combine sooner engin-
ery keenness: Philistine 
Geneva Newcastle (I

relearn inner eminent state.
Garnett acuteness spurious need,
interpenetrate us.

You adorn one, eminently 
unripeness, general tenderness.
Subtle-souled Fullest faculty.

Careful difficult July 


Black net stockings, pink speech,
local dancers, uncoordinated 
students, own course--wasn't around it

That looks interesting--
I was loving different animals.
Roundedness unrounded

unambiguously American


am / ul / sm / nc / rs
Unambiguously Hamburg Kam-Sui Samoan
meaningful cheerful articu 
latory virgules particular

Rosmarie realism, smaller enthusiasm 
Conference permanence
person colors first persevere

first wars writers papers
Thus answers clears herself wears colors 
(sentence hence bunching inclined)


ne / vo / gn / de / am
Hide ideas under ideas (Desgenettes)
dawned awakened detail
inedited Magazine unedited

unendowed Martineau unconcerned
pregnant recognition turned
ignorant devoted volume

Same example famous
unexhorted famine
added denoted extended


1799: 443-465
Shining sun on some
visible scn: a infancy &
throw back our life / sensations.

Forms lovely, & visionary charm
(things, hours)
Quick to interest, if I am

from dread, need, loves
of him framed w/better knowledge
to know, to understand.

& Am not taught,
but that impotent design
(shld it be honorable toil)

now a manhood in me,
whose frmr reproaches,
from now, may spur me on

Meanwhile years, that I might
so prompt, by fond tedious feeling, 
w/tongue lengthened out, in sympathy,

planting slows.
(&will it seem to be honest)
Among ere birth some subsidy

For love of days, for weakness of love
A human feeling:
I began early. 


Or it comes your Appearance
to alarm these generally
--as if I cause fault, 

work wonderingly
Volume fervor maintained
Plainest one learned

Seen down at the noise
w/in 3 or 4 hours
Less at Pins / Points in them

muscle article, clamorous loves
Clemente exclaiming their Miseries of:

How can I know?
What do you think ails them?
General connection opine, or

now Accusation shines it all on.
He could begin to move him, dress him
Address himself upon it

want to be a men
do anything else
sit & be a pal

Whole legal image erupt
clumsy court article (& its double, 1939)
Misapprehensiveness, weakness of fondness of love

Biographical gown, so sun on
an eventual Western approach
Conspicuous illustrative attempt

epidermal Declaration (tools, ornaments)