Deliberately Lost (for DP) by Anne Gorrick

The Him beside me, sitting down
in a punctured blue ray
a willed fedora
Your father shot all of the northeastern birds of prey
in the Museum of Natural History
You lost a set of failures deliberately
for a kiss

Now is later to him, in blue
We discuss plays of logic
You caught a small trout and the osprey took and hung it
broken against the rock, but alive
We are 20 years distant
Your legs bleed from where you hit them, teeth absent

You sit near me in a blue the color of the stingray
Your hat that puts you on
“He had a collector’s license”
You intentionally lost your hands
in order to kiss
Shallowly, the kiss
We discuss the logic of blue
You lack tooth
You discuss me in dead directions

It makes me sit down in the blue
a motor waits in me loudly
I adjust the radio in order to hide myself
We are versions of our fathers set on fire
licensed to collect
In order to take the boy, our logic
caught in an osprey, grasped in competition 

“Collision opposed stone and life”
The lawns in Westchester at a standstill
Footed in your bleeding, lacking in the tooth
Does that what?  Concerning the roar, go shallow
I am discussed with each direction that dies

I pass a bright blue jet, the I waiting loudly in proximity
In order to adjust the radio, she hides herself
A museum of endpieces and natural history
Red mostly and discussed
Considered and lost: the kiss
If blue the orange, hereafter, momentary
For our boy, logic takes an osprey
They discuss themselves
I am discussed in everyone’s dead directions

Spread out, and it sits inside color
inside a stabbing light
I am noisy, motor roar, nearly waiting
in order to regulate the radio, until you
She above you, putting your hat on
A red tail deep inside the museum of your father
A North American animal fiercely discussed
Inside first dates and 28 years of wives
The boy inside and outside logic
Ospreys over the reservoir stealing trout
Your hemorrhage spread out, roaring weakness
dead and discussed

In your interiors, stabbing, a light that carries
I regulate you like a radio
Your father swells up like a fierce animal
in the Museum of Natural History
“Collection is license”
Your two hands live inside the weeks
Competition apprehends the osprey.  Who argues?

You put me near the blue puncture
I wait extremely
Disguised as an adjustment to the radio
Are you intentionally lost?
In order to embrace, prick the ray
You discuss logic in 20 years of only
Not very deep, to kiss
You discuss me in dead directions

You and I are nearly the color of puncture
A blue stingray, fire most of the time, north of autumn
Shallowly goes against your soft fedora
Kiss and puncture, tanked
You seized an osprey to adopt inside the boy

He seized an immature trout hung from an osprey
The suburban lawn until silent
Your laters will be drunk
20 years of merely
Shallowly goes against soft
not extremely deeply, deeply to go.  Kiss
The direction that dies with each of these

They return nearly to the exact color blue
perforating the jet
I wait, time oversize
invested in your hat
I adjust the radio to you
a fire brought out in the form of national birds
A first date, 28 years of wife-ing, embraced for
How do you discuss our logic?
We are 20 years bare
Your soft hat deeply, deeply.  Kiss

Inside the museum
North depreciates in big cracks
surface to air, redtails, an hour of your non-outsides
Your hands pulse like weeks
It guesses respect into the boy, our logic
a competition in Westchester
“I seized the trout, the osprey which she accepts
I will hang her”
Life opposite location

Pliability in color pierces the plane
Our natural enemies are inside refusal
The history of the north will be a large surface to surface rocket
Interior the husband, danger is cheap
It will connect the color to color, a ladder of futures
The boy in respect to logic and competition
Fussy with food, in discussion with the osprey

The I waits too much
I disguise, adjust it
your helmet invests in you
Soft to the depth deeply and very
We are the enemy of normal inside refusal

The depreciation of the museum
The history of North into a great red
Per hour on your nonoutside
The interior “your” of the husband
when danger is cheap
The boy prolongs our logic and competition
Meddlesome about food and the osprey
The I will hang in rock collusion
sufficient as time

Reams of color tighten, pliability blotted
entirely too much
Inside the refusal of depreciation
A museum north of history
We will be great and red colored
on the surface of rockets deeply
The extremity of causes in midair
The hours that hang on his nonoutsides

They first and inner yours of the husband
a little expensive
The fortune teller inside the boy
Respect extends into logic and competition
Wide and meddlesome, approximately food
“Trout, the osprey,” he admits
The cliffs opposite life
Point of view to be good much inside
Your suburban fields of two-eyed grass
in ring-like association
All will extends from the table of sense
This and that discussed

That flexibility of a color in reams tightened
Something of until
Travesty I, to register it
Smooth and deeply into myth
The danger is a little expensive, delicate
The hour in nonouter, yours
an ignited husband
He was courteous to the point of known
Wide and approximate, food is meddlesome

Collision will be steep
As much as an hour is sufficient
inside a museum north of history