fried-eyed / banned poetry words by Julian T. Brolaski

it’s not the russian it’s the wu-tang crushin. 
                                                -Wu-Tang Clan

5 speakers from now, it could be us
slip up and get creped like suzette
travelong to thir erstwhal milieu
steeped in toxins
ever flushing xem out
along the crick the fried fishlings foam
and soak thir minor manticores
battered eyeballs batting at yew

the way the waves in the painting curve
so many telltale infernal tickings
I knew I had to stop writing nonsense.
jack spicer laffed and laffd.
but kim lyons wasnt laffing at me
and brenda iijima definitely wasnt fucking laughing.

and I used a poem w/ all the banned
poetry words, poetry, angels,
filament, aperture, rococco, chirascuro
especially fucking aperture, most banned poetry word. 
and there are more I reckon.
paul’s was thighs