BARACK OBAMA'S FUN WALL by Ben Friedlander

Suddenly remembering White Dog,
explores what happens when a young
actress (Christy McNichol)

is not crazy, and not a drug addict.
plays the animal trainer who tries to cure him
Like Sarah, he provides training

in flyball, obedience,
conformation and agility,
class details , member photographs and events

calendar tried to labor
the metaphor even further,
. Gee, hup,

dog poo ! step out a good ’un, ..so
I won’t back
down. haha

you didn’t
even post a follow up
story after the live feed...tisk tisk

full color
ethics probe
coke commercial frenzy election day lyrics

You know you got mad
fat fluid
when you rhyme, Swapping spit alla time. Neither have I