Issue 2, Summer 2007





My Small Murders
by Ron Tanner

George W. Bush
by Andrew Coburn

Snow Line
by Xujun Eberlein

Collateral Damage
by L.K. Clark

Henry, Villa St. Cyril, February 1977
by Peter Orner

Being Zarathustra
by Rosemary Banks

After a Phone Call
by Mike Blake

Deep in the Northwoods
by Peter Anderson

Psycho Redneck Pick-Up Truck Killing Spree
by Anthony Neil Smith

Chimera Nocent
by Eliza Osborn



Division of the World
by C.F. Linegrad

Waking Without an Alarm
by Amy L. Sargent

by Amy L. Sargent

Cross of Eternity
by Robert Gibbons

In the Dream the Cat was Ecstatic
by Robert Gibbons

Bullfight, Cancun
by Ellen Rittberg

Exultation Begins in the Bones
by Ellen Rittberg

Happy Quarter Century My Lovely Big One
by Ellen Rittberg

The Megaphone Man
by Kathleen Paul-Flanagan

by Corey Mesler



Unasked Questions and Unasked for Answers on the State of Labor Today
by Ellen Dannin

Opportunity of a Lifetime
by Steve Almond

Himself Deposed
by Arthur Saltzman