Workroom Facsimile #2
by Caleb Puckett

To the Elderly:

Distressing “mysteries” tend to occur among young, skeletally immature patients. Pay attention to the figure. However, the cessation of such psychotropic pathways may be misleading among elderly, skeletally mature patients or those with nerve injuries in Missouri. Borrowing notes from a wide range of budget-friendly generics decreases your range of motion. Throwing medication at the unknown causes numbness in your fourth and fifth digits. Cutting-edge technology elicits tenderness in the postoperative interim. This is not a pitch.

Enjoy drugstores completely free of charge, a Bahamas cruise and an island stay, affordable conditions nationwide, duty and virtue. Every reservation will receive reimbursable vision/ glasses/ contacts and communication technologies that encrypt embarrassment and secure the intrinsic and extrinsic values of the future. Does this underlying experience sound familiar; “Bugs under the skin”? No response means busy.

Do not mismanage your time with a frantic attempt to read an already difficult situation. Pay attention to the figure. This obligation opens the way for laxity, suicidality and biopsy—specks broadening into fibers. “Brushed off”, then, becomes a suggestive and dismissive appellation in an office where badly motivated control has been lost. It behooves fruitless worms to complain of birds. We will gladly take you off the list when it is busy. This is not a pitch.

With regards,
Ariel Courier