Issue 2, Spring 2007





Henry, Villa St. Cyril, February 1977
by Peter Orner

Tea Before Couple's Therapy
By Charlie Anders

Flight from Detroit
by Gary Beck

Big Boulder
by Julia LaSalle

By June Michaels

One Year
By Mary June Brown

Your Places
By Jennifer Berney

By Matt Maxwell

No Apple Pie NI Empanadas Here
by Alfie Casaus Salazar

Uncle Wrinkles
By Peter Cunniffe

Magic Crow
by Ann Gonzalez

by Nahid Rachlin

The Previous Adventures of Popeye the Sailor
by Jim Ruland

La Chata
by Diane Lefer



Friday Night Communion under a Mirrored Ceiling
by James R. Whitley

by James R. Whitley

The Parade's Gone By
by Jon Ballard

Bill of Goods
by Jon Ballard

Hiking Besides Fireplugs
by Claudia Grinnell

by EV. Noechel

by Kim Clark

Jameson Street Blues (1)
by Randolph Bridgeman

Or Perish
by F. J. Bergmann

by F. J. Bergmann

by Andrea Fitzpatrick

Open Heart Surgery
by Eric Weinstein

Sea Glass
by Eric Weinstein

Looking for Cottonwoods
by Linda Rodriguez

Bees in Thin Hours
by Nanette Rayman Rivera

by Nanette Rayman Rivera

Glass No. 11
by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Glass No. 13
by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Glass No. 14
by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

A blatant rip-off; a cure for writer's block
by Nathan Murphy

from The Book of Motion (2003):
by Tung-Hui Hu

from Mine (2007):
A Season of Coal
by Tung-Hui Hu

Answering Ezekiel
by Kevin Vaughn



Opportunity of a Lifetime
by Steve Almond

Beaten and Driven: The Cruel Paradox of Jan Kerouac
by Shauna Rogan

Himself Deposed
by Arthur Saltzman

¡Ay, Qué Làstima!
By Linda Rodriguez

Nintendolls: I Was a Comandante in the Video Game Revolution
by Sheyene Foster Heller

Pursuing Mediocrity
by Steve Heller


Arbitrator says Tribune sale of Advocate violated union contract

An arbitrator has ruled that Tribune Co.'s sale of The Advocate of Stamford to Gannett Co. violated a union contract by failing to require Gannett to honor newsroom employees' collective bargaining agreement. The newsroom employees are members of Local 2110 of the UAW. Read more here.

National Labor Relations Board Issues Complaints Against Starbucks for Union - Busting

Starbucks, a company whose 2006 annual report touts its progressive values and "great work environment" where everyone "treat(s) each other with respect and dignity" has been firing and intimidating workers seeking to form unions at a number of their New York City locations. The union seeking to organize these workers, the IWW, filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), accusing Starbucks of violating federal labor laws. The NLRB upheld these workers' charges and has filed complaints against Starbucks, ordering the company to re-hire the fired workers. Read more here.