Issue 4, Autumn 2007

Three Variations, February 21:
by Andrew Csank


The duel position is not the relation.
Adorned to be in ideas of relation.
Organisms disorganize and desire.
You can offer up your camaraderie in the circling about.
Double to loveliest enmity.
(Actual articulation would not be achieved,
Except feeling cute and sexy for the sake of your thoughts on it.)
To compare to only worlds of ornament.


place an image: whole arms and torsos in adoration so adornment falls apart.
place an image: tools by which adornment comes to be, also subject to decay.
place an image: tool is so useless while the object of its use is absent.
image: the ocean. It can be placed everywhere.
all now:
in their home they slept naked on blue sheets.
specific in skin.


pull it all apart again and look at the sky.
prairie scope of the grass, all directions to family
running home.